The Whole Vegan Thing … (More of our Journey)

January 11, 2018

This whole plant-based eating buzz is quite enjoyable, except for the part where I am standing in front of the fridge wondering what to cook. There are things, I’m sure, but my head is so focused on what I am used to preparing that it needs some new info – reprogramming, if you will (Not in a freaky sci-fi way obviously). I guess it takes time to get used to being in a new groove.

Some days I end up munching on Pic’s peanut butter on Vogels because of my indecision, but I am not complaining. So thankful for this combination of Kiwi goodness. 

I have taken more than a few ‘spare of the moment’ food trips to the supermarket in the last week. Fresh food seems to disappear from our fridge quickly, either that or I find it looking a little science experiment-ish hiding in the back somewhere. We have had to stock up on fresh food more often than usual. And the daily hunt for the perfect avocado is becoming a familiar event. I’m still feeling a little betrayed by an avocado that I brought today. It claimed to be ripe but ended up looking like rubber (Avocados march to their own drum. There is no figuring them out).

Luke and I are now doing 90/10 because we are enjoying it, and surprisingly we are not missing meat or dairy that much.

Our 10% break from plant-based eating this week was mostly holiday-inspired. We ended up getting pizza and a glass of Pinot. My pizza was cheesy garlic, so no meat, but heavily dairy. I definitely noticed the feeling in my stomach change – almost a slight pain. I know it sounds crazy but it feels like I can hear my body a bit better. Still, I have no regrets. Pizza is good but maybe in small doses. 

Preparation is key.

A huge part of this journey for me is preparation. I struggle finding the time to think through new meal plans, especially when we tend to okay recipes based on what the majority of the family will actually eat. 

But preparation it’s definitely a place where we succeed or fail. I know that if we put in some planning time now, it’s going to be a lot easier.

Lunch is the focus this week. We have enjoyed our home-made sushi but I’m not someone who enjoys spending too much time in the kitchen, so we are working on easy sustainable ideas.

I’m loving smoothies, sushi, avocado’s and salads at the moment. Home made hummus is the latest addition to our menu and a lot cheaper than the store brought options. This way of eating is a little easier on your grocery budget if you manage it well (and if you don’t get carried away buying jars of delicious coconut yoghurt or bliss balls).

Thanks for all the input with recipes and food ideas we have received from you all. It’s been a great help. Oh, and I’d love to hear from you if you have any favourite plant-based lunch ideas. Feel free to send them my way!

Thanks everyone.

Hope you have a great day ahead,

Dee x




Photo by Brooke Larke



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    The reprogramming/ meal planning is definitely the hard bit. We usually eat salad sandwichs or peanut butter sandwich’s with fruit for lunch, or left overs. Homemade bliss balls and muffins are great for quick snacks, I keep them in the freezer.
    Nachos are a big hit at our place. I use lentils, black beans, grated carrot, pasta sauce or canned tomatoes and a spice mix recipe I got from the internet. Natural corn chips, savoury yeast flakes and guacamole made with coconut yoghurt. YUM.

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    Life Honey

    Thanks lots Tracy 🙂 Oh, your nachos sound sooo good. The kind we have been making are getting kind of pricey. Will have to give yours a go! I have savory yeast flakes too. That is a good tip freezing snacks like bliss balls and muffins. I might have to get onto that! Do you use them in school lunches? Our kids are literally eating everything we bake at the moment in a day, so I might have to hide them in the back of the freezer!

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    Did you know that Whittakers dark Ghana chocolate is dairy free!!! And ohhh so good! Years ago when I went dairy, legume, nut & egg free as part of an MS recovery diet (crazy aye!)/ basically meat & vege…. this chocolate along with my rice milk chai lattes were SUCH A TREAT!!!

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      Life Honey

      I did not know this! This is huge info. You have made my day Becks! Thanks lots xx

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    Life Honey

    And wow, you did so well. That is such a mission having no legumes and nuts too! The chocolate would be a welcome treat x

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      Sure was a challenge & mega anti social!!! Thought you guys would LOVE that discovery I made, mmm your evening snack of chocolate & wine is back on the menu❤️❤️❤️

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        Life Honey

        That’s defintely something to celebrate! x

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