That Time I Lost a Diamond In The Lewis Pass.

October 15, 2017

Before I get going here I have to say that although this title sounds a little Indiana Jones-ish, it happened.

We took a road trip down to Christchurch in the first week of the school holidays for my Dad’s 60th Gatsby party. On the way out of town, I snagged my diamond engagement ring on my tights… it tore a small hole but nothing major. I checked my ring and it was fine. All intact.

If I had to choose one possession that I cared about in this world it would be my wedding rings. Not because of their monetary value but because of what they represent. This was the ring my husband brought me when we got engaged. It has stayed on my hand ever since…I barely ever take it off…(once for a sprained finger) but honestly, not even when I’ve had operations.

We continued on our journey stopping in for a bathroom break in Murchison. We went into the tea rooms, took the little one to the toilet, and got everyone back in the car. Less than 5 minutes down the road I touched my ring finger and it felt different. I looked down and my stomach sank. The claws of my engagement ring were empty. There was no diamond. Utter Panic. I felt sick.

My mind was going a hundred miles a minute, retracing my steps. My husband asked if I wanted to go back and check the bathrooms at our last stop but logically, it could have been anywhere. The tearooms? Down the sink in that bathroom? The carpark? The car? The road? Somewhere on the long road to Christchurch? We were on the road for 7 hours that day.

We had to keep moving. We prayed. We knew that God knew exactly where the diamond was. I said to Luke that if God knows the grains of sand on the beach and every hair on our head surely this is easy for him. Still, I was processing…..we could replace it if we didn’t find it, but I really longed for that diamond to be found. The one that Luke gave me. The one that had been on my finger for 16 years. I was hopeful. But it was hard. 

Practically, it was a ring. A possession. It was replaceable. It was more about what it meant to me. I made my peace with whatever the outcome may be…t here were worse things.. it would work out. But wouldn’t it make a good story if we found it? Still, was that the outcome God had for this?

The end of our time away arrived and we headed back home again. We had checked the car several times over the week but hadn’t found it. The insurance company said I had to prove it was an accident and not wear and tear, so I’d have to see a jeweler. It was quite probably in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on the roadside. Replacing it seemed to be the way this story was headed.

We arrived home, unpacked and settled back in for the night. I wrote in my diary in the Monday slot –

Monday – Take ring to Jewelers.

After church today I was standing in the kitchen getting some food for Miss Three when Luke came in the door. Before he was even in the room he said ‘Guess what I found?’

I knew exactly what he was talking about. I stopped what I was doing. ‘No?…Really?…Where?’… hardly letting myself believe it could be.

He held out his hand and there in his palm was my diamond. Perfect and glistening. It felt unreal. I held it carefully and examined it. It was so beautiful. I went to get my ring to confirm that this was actually happening, that it was really mine. I placed it in the claws of my ring to check. It fit perfectly. It turns out that Luke had looked down and spotted it on the driveway, shining in the sun beside our car.

I have been so overwhelmed today, processing the goodness of God and how he cares about the things we care about. That he can find something as dainty as a diamond, even when the odds seem to be stacked against us.

I have been reminded that nothing is too difficult for him. He loves us and treasures us.

I felt his words on my heart…

Just like the diamond, we are never ever too lost for him to find us. He always knows exactly where we are. He sees us.

Though we may lose our way sometimes, he always sees the sparkle that he so lovingly placed within us. He loves us immensely and oh so deeply. 

I’ve been affected by this so much. I know that God honours big prayers but he also reveals his truths as he answers them. I think he reveals more of himself and gives us a glimpse of just how deep his love truly goes.

So, this week if I could say one thing about the nature of God, it would be that he loves you and would go any distance to reach you. He sees you amidst all the chaos, the brokenness and the mess. He hasn’t lost you.  He never did. He knows exactly where you are. He sees your sparkle and treasures you deeply. He is so good.

May you have a week filled with his goodness,

Love Dee x


Photo by Zelle Duda


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    This is such an amazing story!! So glad that your diamond was found. God knows what’s important to you and he is faithful. xo

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      Life Honey

      He really is 🙂 It has been such an encouragement to me in so many other areas since, especially in prayer. It was so cool.

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