The Day Is Almost Here!

November 20, 2017

I think it’s true that if anything is worth doing, there will be obstacles to overcome and we have certainly had a few of those over the weekend. It’s been very tempting to stay awake at night chasing solutions around in my head. 

So, on Sunday morning I was sitting in Church trying to get my head around the latest developments in producing this music video and I was reminded of something major.

During the worship I heard the words in a song ‘Who can stop the Lord almighty?’ And I knew it was a God moment.

I was reminded again that it’s not about my ability. And it’s not even about having to have everything figured out. It’s about me doing my part and realising that this whole thing is God’s and if he is behind it then who can stop him?

Who can stop what he has set in motion? No one, right? All he needs me to do is to trust him.

Auditions have now come and gone and we have our final cast! Excited, is pretty much the understatement of the month. That process was a new experience, a really humbling one. Having so many talented people come and take part in what we were doing was amazing. There is something about others being involved, seeing  characters that we know so well come to life right in front of us has been incredible.

The hardest part was letting those that didn’t get cast know of our decision. Not fun. But I have to say, we have some very talented people here in our city and we were so thankful that they took time to come and audition for us. 

So, our story is locked down. Our actors are in. And our crew are getting ready for filming next week! It’s actually happening!!

Something that was just a dream a couple of months ago, is now reality. It’s hard to get my head around. We had no idea how we would cast this, or even how we would even fund it. But it has all come together.

God has done what he does best. He makes the seemingly impossible a reality.

He brings people together for his purposes.

From those who believe in what we are doing and have so generously given towards it, to the cast who we know are meant to be in their roles, to the people who are onboard and excited about helping where they can, to those behind the scenes who are doing what is so important – praying, Thank you! We have been overwhelmed by the love and support of you all. 

And a huge thank you to City of Light for writing an incredibly beautiful and anointed song, that we have the honour of helping create a music video for.

A few months ago we had no money, no cast. Just an idea and a big dream. And look what has happened? Honestly, I have been so out of my depth but somewhere along the way I’ve realised that I can actually swim in the deep. It’s about knowing that God is the one keeping us afloat. It’s always entirely in his strength that we do what we do, and I would have it no other way.

It has been incredible.

Next week we are filming! I’ll keep you posted.

Stay brave and courageous,

Dee x


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    This is so awesome Dee! What an exciting time in your journey! xo-Amy

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    Life Honey

    Thanks lots Amy! It has been such an exciting week. I have learnt so much and have heaps of fun. Can’t wait to share it with everyone xx

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