Reminding Eachother Of The Truth

February 9, 2018

You may remember telling you about the time I was called out in a crowd at a Christian camp. (Shudder..the introvert in me cringes at the memory). If you do, then you will remember that the speaker gave me the word ‘God loves me’ which of course made me feel mortified infront of a tent full of leaders. Everyone else was getting these prophetic, amazing life altering words and I was getting stuff I felt I probably should have known by then (The rest of that story is here).

I was thinking about this when reading something Ann voskamp wrote a while back. She said something like this …

“The Christian needs another Christian who speaks God’s Word to him. He needs him again and again when he becomes uncertain and discouraged, because by himself he cannot help himself without misrepresenting the truth.”

I agree completely, we need to mirror truth back to eachother whenever we can. Especially by showing love, compassion and understanding as we speak words that come from God’s heart.

The things we speak may sound too simple to us and we may feel a little silly saying them, but they are actually a lot deeper and more profound that we think. We might not realise how much of an encouragement they will be to someone.

As humans, we have the tendency to slip back into old patterns easily. It’s easy to get all up inside your own head and stop seeing yourself and your situation the way God sees it. 

This is why I believe we need to be encouraging each other with Godly truth. His words are a constant encouragement. They are like honey for the soul.

It may be things that we have learnt a thousand times before, but as long as we are here on this earth I think it is important to keep letting those truths go deep.

So my prayer today is this… that you would have constant reminders of his beautiful truths in your life, that they would go deep, that they would be encompassing. And that you would know he loves you and delights in every detail of your life.


Love Dee x



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    Sometimes is the simplest words which are the ones we need to hear. xx

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