It Doesn’t Depend On Them

January 14, 2018


Something I have realised over the years is this….

That in life, there are going to people that treat you harshly, misunderstand you & judge you unfairly. If you are around people long enough it’s going to happen. 

But there is also another group of people…

You may be able to count them on one hand but they will be your biggest support and your greatest encouragers.

These are your people. Your cheering squad.

These are the ones you share your dreams with. They are a gift. A precious gift.

But then so are the difficult ones…

They are the ones that teach you to love even when it’s hard, they are the ones that help you to decide whether you are going to live your life in reaction or put love into action.

We can’t control how others see us, but we get to decide how we see them. Love is something we have the priveledge of choosing. And it’s powerful. Love doesn’t depend on how others live, it depends on how we do.


Photo credit – Ty Williams


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