I’m Okay Here In My Little Niche

January 20, 2018

You may have subscribed to this blog when I was posting weekly. I understand that this was perhaps not what you signed up for. So in the interest of openness I needed to share this…

Things have changed this year as you know and I now put words on the screen here every day. I try my best to put my thoughts and questions about this journey down in some form on the page. I know it may look like I have no idea what I am doing, truth be told, I probably don’t really (who of us really has it that together?) but my goal in life isn’t to be polished, shiny and successful. It’s to be okay with the gritty imperfections and the joy that encompasses it all.

I know that the Facebook/blog world is all about building a following and I get that the way I am writing now, isn’t quite following that formula. I get that I am losing social proof. Less proof that I am worthy in this online world. I am okay with that. More than okay.

Some have questioned if I should go back to what is most popular and easily consumed. But popular and I don’t really mix that well. I feel more comfortable on the edge of something else. Something different.

What is popular isn’t always important. And what is important for me is that I write honestly and learn to write towards vulnerability.

When I sit down to write, I don’t always begin with words that I fully understand but as I write I hear God speak, the one who breathes life into everything. On the page I understand more about who I am and who he made me to be. And if that is all this journey is for me, that is more than enough. That is what I need most.

I’m okay here in my little niche.

I have tried to be like the other blogs in the past, to follow the rules and chase ambition but it made me sink. I lost something – I strived and struggled and the words wouldn’t come. When you focus on what will be most ‘liked’, instead of the story you need to tell within you, creatively you begin to lose something deeper. I guess in life it’s the same. You need to be true to your own journey and not seek the approval of others.

So this, my dear friends is one of the reasons I have started to write more, to examine my own thoughts and how I am living. And I am loving it so much. It has been so good for me.

Please don’t worry about my popularity or page views because that is not why I do what I do. We have entered a time where we measure by numbers, that’s how we weigh the worthiness. Numbers. Amounts. Thumbs up and hearts on screens. And I believe it is taking from us.

Our boldness suffers when we are slave to the numbers.

Some things in life are not at all measurable and these are the things that impact me most. 

There are times where I will write not knowing really if it relates to anything and then a day or so later I will go back and read, realising that he is speaking right to my heart. He always knows what I need. It’s my job to listen, be open and to sit down and put my fingers on the keys. To write about what I know and what I am yet to know.

Not to grow a platform but to go deeper.

This is a place to share, to listen and a space to dream.

As I have said before I love it that you are here, I am so grateful for this space. But again, if it isn’t for you, and if it’s too many posts, even if you know me well, please don’t feel like you have to stay subscribed. I understand completely. Please press that unsubscribe button without any guilt. This is a place where you will always be welcome to come back and visit. And if you would like to hang around that is wonderful too. Thank you. I love it that we can share this journey together.

Stay bold and courageous,

Dee x



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