Embracing The Beautiful, Loud and Messy

January 9, 2018


My finger hits delete again. I‘m trying to type my daily post but I am distracted. Our little one yells out in the background. She doesn’t want to go to bed tonight. She stands at her bedroom door in protest.

I can hear the sound of Star Wars playing in the lounge where the boys are watching together. Stormtroopers attack with short sharp continuous blasts. The volume rings out. Our eldest daughter is making a drink in the kitchen, getting ready to eat some leftover cake. As she gets herself a spoon, the draw clatters shut. There is no room for quiet here.

Our house is full. Full of noise and life. Always. And I love it. But I cannot think of what to share today. My mind is somewhere else. My fingers are on the keys but my heart is with the everyday.

This is where the stories are. Right here in this moment, where every day miracles surround me.

I think back to earlier this evening when our littlest one climbed up beside me on the couch, resting her head on my side, as the older kids laughed together, in that uncontrollable giggle that children seem to do so well.  Siblings making memories and enjoying the bond that only they can have. These soft moments spark joy in me.

I wonder, how did we get to be the parents of these four blessings? These beautiful kids that we love so much. I look at my husband, so handsome and amazing. And I am overwhelmed and so in love. Life is so unbelievably good.

It makes me want to hold on so tightly to this moment. I guess that’s why I need to write it down sometimes… to keep it close to my heart. To always remember that this right here is what is most important, not the things we so easily get distracted by, the things that don’t really matter so much.

So tonight, dear friends, I am off to make more memories with these beautiful ones. To live the stories that are closest to my heart.

I hope that wherever you are this evening that you know that you are loved and cherished. And I hope that right now you are embracing the beautiful, loud and messy in your life. It’s always where the good stuff is.

Stay bold and courageous,

Love Dee x


Gorgeous photo by Annie Spratt


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    Oh Dee I just love reading your blogs, your heart & the crazy yet so special cherished moments, thank you!

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      Life Honey

      Thank you so much Becks for your beautiful encouragement. That means so much to me. x

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    Thanks so much for the reminder to embrace the beautifully chaotic moments! xx

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      Life Honey

      You’re so welcome 🙂 It’s something I need to remind myself of so often x

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