Church – How The Ambient Was Born (Part 3)

February 15, 2018

As I mentioned, Luke was unwell for quite some time. 8 months of recovery while everything else was kept to a minimal. This was an incredibly hard time in our lives to cope with, but we made it through with the help and support of the people around us and the love of our awesome God.

I think the growth that comes from times of hardship can be quite huge. Many things happened that strengthened our faith and taught us so much. I would love to share these, but they might be for another post – as I should get back to the story!

After that 8 months passed, we relaunched The Ambient, encouraging anyone with a heart for worship to come.

The first night was quite big compared to anything that had ever happened before. It was such an encouraging time, where people of all ages came together to pray and worship in that same hall. 

After a few more nights like this, the decision was made to move The Ambient into the church building. The amount of people coming was growing and it felt simpler to have all of the gear already set up. 

The move proved to be timely, In 2017 The Ambient grew considerably and some incredible nights of worship were had in the church. One night 80 people worshipped together in the presence of our amazing God.

The stories from last year are numerous, but for me, a lot was based around prayer and hearing God speak. I was home a couple of the nights for different reasons which was really hard, but when I was there it was so good to be part of. 

There are so many stories, there was even a time when someone on the street heard the music and felt they were meant to come and be part of what was happening! 

It was an overwhelming feeling, standing there last year, remembering the journey. From the days where we took time away from Sunday morning to seek God, to all the planning and prayer, to showing up in the early days and worshiping God no matter who came, from going through the challenges that life brings and seeing God at work in peoples lives. The Ambient Starts back up in March. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see what God does next. 



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    And what an incredible time it is!!! Your guys journey & most of all prayer has brought amazing rewards meaning people can come & meet/feasts with the Father in a wonderful setting. Thank you for pioneering❤️ Can’t wait for the 4th of March!

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      Life Honey

      Thanks Becks, it has been such a journey of learning for me. So looking forward to March too! Xx

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    I loved reading this series of your journey of giving birth to the wonderful time of worship. I’m sure that God has many wonderful plans in store for you. xx

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      Life Honey

      Thanks, I am so excited for the first night of the year! xx

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