Church – How The Ambient Was Born (Part 2)

February 13, 2018

We continued to hold The Ambient when we could. I did my best to be there, but sometimes with sick kiddies or our new baby, it was quite a challenge.

I occasionally found myself praying from the sideline… It was a strange feeling. Caring for our family comes first, so if someone is unwell, I’m at home and praying for the night. I’ve learnt that prayer is not a secondary role at all. It is where everything begins, it’s where we see the breakthrough.

Anyway, this continued on for sometime. Me, making it to most of the Ambient nights, and hanging out with our faithful group of Ambient worshippers. Still, giving it all we had, regardless of numbers or how cold that little hall was in the middle of winter! 

 What I learnt over this time is that you can honestly be in a room worshipping with 4 other people and it can feel as moving as if you are there with 100. It’s all about heart and hunger for God’s presence. 

What also amazed me about this space was that people who felt anxious or uncomfortable praying or speaking could step out in faith here. This was definitely the case for me. As you know, I’m not one to speak out in groups of people often, especially in church, but there was something about being in the presence of God, in this place that encouraged me to be bold.

I remember my heart beating so loudly in my chest. It was so incredibly fast that I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get the words I felt God was giving me to speak out of my mouth. I have never felt that feeling so strongly before. But I knew I had to speak and somehow I did. It was amazing being able to share them. That prompting of the holy spirit to speak, is something that is so incomparable.

Then, things became really tough for our family.

We had an incredibly hard season. Luke was injured and unwell for 8 months. First a back injury that took 6 months to recover and during this time a serious complication to surgery. Everything in our life was dialled back as we focused on getting through each day. The Ambient was on the shelf as we prayed for Luke’s recovery.

To be continued…

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