Chicken Pox, Casting Calls and Living In The Deep

November 3, 2017

It’s been a while since I last posted. I don’t really like writing posts that read like a diary but I have to share with you guys why I’ve been so absent lately….

Firstly Chicken Pox – this is where I’m at this week. Home with our 3-year-old as she battles a hefty dose. It’s funny how the appearance of a red spot can change schedules and plans that have been in place for ages. A day planner is no match for an unwell little one. So this week has been about juggling all of that and living from my laptop, between cuddles and pamol doses. 

She is a little battler though and as resilient as they come. I remember when she was admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis at 3 months old I had to convince some of the nurses that she was really ill as she wouldn’t stop smiling at everyone.

Still, at 2 am when you are covered in spots and feeling uncomfortable you just need your Mum or Dad to hang out with you. Sleep deprivation is back in full force now and it’s often a gamble to see how much basic everyday info I can retain and how much falls out of my brain at random.

This is also the week that Luke and The Nelson Worship Collective team are running the first ever Glorify worship team conference. It’s pretty massive. So sickness this week was not ideal, but when is it ever really? We are making it work. Lots of prayer. Those that are going are in for an exciting weekend. They have some amazing people running a variety of workshops and David Lyle Morris from Auckland is speaking!



On top of all that we have been in pre-production mode for the music video. Praying in our funding and actors has become a focus this week. This is relying on a lot of prayer (So if you are a prayer warrior, please feel free to pray – we would so love and appreciate it). We believe God is speaking to the hearts of those who feel led to be involved, that is a process in itself, but an important one.

Our heart is to see people moved by this project – not only through the end result but through their involvement. If God is in this, and we 100% believe that he is – then this is totally his project and he can work through all aspects of production to bless people and show a deeper understanding of who he is and how deep his love goes.

I personally gave my life to Jesus while working on a documentary so I believe that everything we do is so much wider and deeper than the end result. Even that end result can have a ripple effect that travels on indefinitely.

Everything we do has meaning. Everything we do has a greater cause, a deeper purpose.

And it always flows on.

I love it how God does that! As we step out in obedience, he uses what we have and runs with it. He multiplies it. It never ends up being just about us – God’s plans are much more beautifully complex. It’s exciting to imagine what he will do with this project! And of course the stories that will come from it.

Yeah right now, in the natural, there are so many unknowns moving forward, we are looking at funding, finding actors and trying to do it all in our time frame. Of course, a lot of these details are a little out of our control, but we are called to do our part and trust that God has got it covered. 

And so, we wait expectantly with great anticipation to see what he does next!

Yeah, maybe not having all the answers right now is kind of scary, but it also leaves space for God to move. When we let go of our need for control and let him take the lead – we are in for quite an adventure.

That’s how I want to live… Uncomfortably in the deep end but enthusiastically expectant.

I believe that this is going to be one of those times.

Have a great weekend ahead,

And stay brave and courageous,

Love Dee x



Photo credit  – Jeremy Bishop


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    I remember chicken pox. I was 11. I had them EVERYWHERE and our pipes froze (this doesn’t ever happen in South Florida). My mom had to heat water on the stove to sooth my itching. I hope your daughter is feeling better and on the mend. I hope the conference turned out amazing! I’m sure it did. Sending prayers on the music video. I’m sure everything will come together beautifully in the end. God has a way of making dramatic statements sometimes. 🙂 xo- Amy

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      Life Honey

      Thanks Amy 🙂 She is feeling so much better now. Wow, your experience sounds pretty intense! The conference went so well.They are planning another one for next year, which is cool. You are so right, God definitely likes to do things in exciting ways. Already we have had quite a few moments where things have come together – and it’s has totally all been him. So many answers to prayer. looking forward to seeing what he does next. We are holding auditions tomorrow! It’s starting to come together. So exciting.

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