A Faith Manifesto

August 13, 2017



I am a grace dependent Christian.


I need his grace like I need air.


I am imperfect but filled with his love.


I am afraid to step out.. but I know that it’s okay to step out afraid.


It would be much easier to live a life without fear.


But living that way would be like not living at all. 



I believe God is seeking out the broken, the messed up, the grace needy.


The ones that don’t colour neatly inside the lines.


The ones who feel unworthy and unqualified.


Those that don’t seem to fit.


I believe he is already speaking.


Asking if we are willing to follow where he goes?


Asking if we will trust him?


He is calling us in our weakness. 


But in our weakness he is strong.


He writes his name upon our scars and calls them worthy.



Yeah, we don’t fit in conventional boxes.


We may not look the part and we may think a little differently.


But God doesn’t make us all the same.



He loves to do the unexpected.



There’s a whole generation of us missing from the life of his Church.


Those on the fringes that long for more of him.


Those that know he has more for them than this right now.


I believe that he is gathering us, encouraging us, calling us by name. 


We can no longer believe we have no place in his Church.


God loves to call those that are different, the unlikely.


He calls them to be a light in places that others can’t reach.


He gave you a dream, a vision to do things a little differently.


To break the mould, bravely.


You belong. 



We are an important part of the body of believers.


God always intended for us to play a role.


He gave us gifts, passions and ideas.


They are to be explored and used for his glory.



I believe this begins right here.



We all have something.


Use that something.


Use that little bit you have right now and watch it multiply.


God increases what we use in faith. 


He has positioned you where you are for a reason.



Be the church.


In your work place, in your home, in the places that no one else goes.


Be love to a hurting world.


Take time to stop and listen


Love with all that you are.



And Pray.



This is the time for us to embrace what God has called us to.


Live a life less ordinary.


Be bold and courageous.


Put aside your doubts and believe in what could be.


Dare to see what he sees. 



This is a new day for us.


It’s time to step out.





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    Rebekah Smith

    Love. Love. Love.

    1. Reply

      Life Honey

      Thanks Becks x

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    Beautifully written as always, I have never been conventional or felt normal but I am loved and am at peace with the knowledge that I am exactly how God planned me to be! Keep sharing your beautiful words.

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      Life Honey

      I love what you have said about being at peace and knowing who you are in God. I think that is often the challenge, embracing the unique, beautiful people he made us to be. Thank you so much for your kind, lovely words – They are so timely for me and I really value them. Hope you have an amazing, encouraging week ahead. x

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