Hi, I’m Demelza.

This is my little corner of the blogosphere.

Welcome! I love it that you are here!

Here’s a little bit about me…


I’m all for being real.

I depend on grace and just enough sleep to get by.

I am married to a man who I couldn’t have even dreamed up.

He is my one true love and best friend.

We have four beautiful kids who remind us daily what life is all about.

I am a former film school graduate, who after working in TV found herself loving being a stay at home mum.

My husband is an ordained minister and the singer/guitarist in his band City Of Light.

Live music makes my soul happy.

I love the beach.

I am at my best when my toes are in the sand.

I am a recovering chocolate addict and still love a good glass of red wine … or maybe two.

In the winter I live in my Doc boots.

I am forever a child of the 90’s.

Words are really important to me. Spoken and written.

I love to write. And I love to pray.

My posts are a combination of both.

I have recently opened up about my battle with Anxiety and OCD. It took me 30 years. It’s been terrifying and freeing all at once.

I don’t believe in perfection. Or Masks. Just honesty and being open with what we have.

I believe that we at our most loving when we are speaking to the good we see in others. And we should love ourselves this way too.

I believe our struggles are not what defines us, but the overcoming is what shapes us.

Some days I have it together, some days I’m a bit of a mess. I’m a work in progress and that’s okay with me. It’s where I learn best.

I’m passionate about making the most of right now, slowing down and taking it all in. One day, I know I’ll look back and realise that it was all beautiful. Even the tough stuff.

God has moved in amazing ways in our family over the years. Life Honey is a combination of those stories and what he is teaching me now.

It’s about loving the journey as we work out who he is calling us to be.